Transformers in health: a systematic review on architectures for longitudinal data analysis Artificial Intelligence Review

Challenges in Developing Multilingual Language Models in Natural Language Processing NLP by Paul Barba Hence, it results in overall higher performance across the given languages and especially helps increase performance for low-resource languages. One of NeuralSpace’s winning solutions in the HASOC 2021 competition also used the multilingual training approach (reference). Transfer learning is a way […]

What is a key differentiator of conversational AI

Conversational AI vs Chatbots: What are the key differences? As businesses increasingly embrace Conversational AI, the impact is profound, translating into significant cost savings and improved customer experiences. By 2025, chatbot adoption is anticipated to result in $11 billion in savings for businesses in customer care costs. The financial services sector and technology professionals are […]

Chatbot Names: How to Pick a Good Name for Your Bot

Funny Bot Names【2023】Crazy & CoolChatbot Names Ideas To access it, open the app, and tap the chat icon, where you’ll find the My AI conversation. You can tap its profile image to change settings and manage your data. Even though it sometimes puts out factual errors while displaying total confidence—what experts call hallucinations—ChatGPT is still […]

Conversational artificial intelligence in the AEC industry: A review of present status, challenges and opportunities

2308 13534 Building Trust in Conversational AI: A Comprehensive Review and Solution Architecture for Explainable, Privacy-Aware Systems using LLMs and Knowledge Graph In the context of architectural queries, NLP algorithms process and analyze the specific language used by architects to pose questions or provide instructions. NLP algorithms break down sentences into individual words, identify the […]

Customer Engagement: Everything You Need to Know

5 Strategies to Drive Customer Engagement When you’re well aware of your customer’s journey, you’ll know the best touchpoints, channels, and the right stages of the journey to engage with your customers. 52% of companies believe that Facebook is the most effective social channel for customer engagement, service, and support. The spectrum of customer engagement […]

The six main subsets of AI: Machine learning, NLP, and more

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technologies Machine Learning (ML), on the other hand, requires us to train models so that machines can perform certain tasks. However, with the emergence of cloud computing infrastructure and high-performance GPUs (graphic processing units, used for faster calculations)  the time for training a Deep Learning network could be reduced from […]

50 Useful Generative AI Examples in 2023

What Is Generative AI? Meaning & Examples OpenAI, an AI research and deployment company, took the core ideas behind transformers to train its version, dubbed Generative Pre-trained Transformer, or GPT. Observers have noted that GPT is the same acronym used to describe general-purpose technologies such as the steam engine, electricity and computing. Most would agree […]