In a nutshell, all of the photos here are based on tech, in the office, and on startups. Downloading images is straightforward – you could say even a little dated. Though, we did find loading speeds to be poor on the few times we’ve visited. As such, it often feels like you’re getting hand-picked recommendations rather than choosing from a mountain of anonymous images.

Most of the recent images have been of nature, although there has been a lot of other subjects covered over the years. The quality is outstanding, and the photos deserve to have a cost attached. Despite this, they’re free and available for immediate download. There’s a great filtering system in place, that lets you choose the exact license you require. You can even drill down further into file types, sources, and much more.

Free Nature Stock

But with everyone using the same old cheesy stock images on their websites, standing out can be tough. This is especially true if you don’t have any web design experience. I don’t use picjumbo often simply because the site feels really commercial. That said, they do a great job of curating collections of photos. Anyone is welcome to upload photos to Pexels, and the site’s curators will pick out the best shots to populate its searchable collection of public domain images.

stock photography resources

That the photos are being offered for free is crazy – if you have the right topic for the images here, they are going to enhance your content. Plus, there’s a search bar if you’re looking for something special. There are also related images to view when searching for the perfect image that can help you finalize your content and make it visually appealing. Gratisography claims to offer people the quirkiest, yet most beautiful, stock images around so you can stand out from the crowd.

Death to Stock is a simple photo site that gives people free stock images to be used in any type of project, whether personal or not. Kaboompics offers people over 10K images and specializes in lifestyle, interior design, and blogging photos. All you have to do is search for images you need, purchase the usage rights, and download to designer stocks use for your project. Negative Space has tons of stock photos for personal or commercial use. And if you’re looking for a photo that is really popular, you can check out each image’s views and likes. StockSnap is always adding new images to their collection so you’ll never have to look far for a great stock image for your website.

What that means in direct terms is that they use your brand colors, look like your shoppers, are high-quality, and don’t look too staged. Corbis was established well before the internet opened up the stock photo industry. Gaining a foothold at Corbis is something of an elusive process. You will note when taking a look at their site that there is no easy “Submit Here” button like a number of the other companies listed. Instead, Corbis seeks out talent, typically by word of mouth in photography circles, and then invites them to become contributors. As you can imagine, a lot of photographers covet signing on with Corbis.

LIFE Photos by Google

If you have a professional camera or a mid-range smartphone that can shoot decent photos, you can check out our Complete Guide to eCommerce Photography. In this guide, we shared what you need to shoot decent product photos that you can use for your own eCommerce website. We listed some basic equipment, tips on how to shoot your product, basic organization tips, and some advanced techniques that you can use during your photo shoot. Paid-for photos may cost a bit more upfront, but they could save you a lot of hassle (and money) in the long run. We’ve mentioned Creative Commons (CC) a few times throughout this piece, often as a type of license. As such, it makes sense that there would be a way to collate all the licensed CC images in one place.

stock photography resources

His eye for detail is second to none, and his portfolio is pages of almost unbelievable close-up insects. Andreas has a uniquely retro and warm style and his work has been featured in countless exhibitions around the world. With plenty of books to his name, you may well recognize at least a few of this celebrated photographer’s remarkable images. This talented photographer based in Norway has an incredible eye for warm, organic family images. With beautiful natural light, these images are peaceful and a joy to explore.

Much like Nappy, the Jopwell Collection is going to suit you if you have a business or tech site. Of course, given the diverse nature of the subjects, these photos are also going to fit right into those topics too. It almost seems like a site from a bygone era, but Flickr is still going strong. Think of it as social media for photographers, to more of an extreme than Instagram.

stock photography resources

Their photos are packed in collections, so you can easily find them. You’ve probably noticed this logo (and its variations) around photo resource websites, especially when you browse through Flickr. This is a Creative Commons logo, and there are six types of Creative Commons licenses that you can use for your photos. However, keep in mind that a Creative Commons license is not an alternative to copyright itself. A Creative Commons license helps you communicate to the world on how you would want your image to be used.

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